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Cultural club „Piskavica“ (B&H) was founded in 2002 and operates in a similar picturesque place called Piskavica, near Banja Luka. Club numbers around 150 members of all ages and professions (pupils, students, workers and pensioners) who work in a several sections. The largest section is the folklore one which consists of three groups, namely: children’s group until 12 years of age, youth group until 17 years of age and senior performing group from 17 years and above. In a musical section there is a folk orchestra, vocalist’s group and vocal soloists. The group is unique by its section which occupies with authentic people’s creation where section members prepare and present ancient customs with traditional authentic songs from Potkozarje. All choreographies are adequately costumed and performed followed by folk orchestra and live playing. Also, within the program there are many old folk songs performed by vocal soloists and singing group without accompaniment and with accompaniment of folk orchestra as well as many instrumental presentations of folk dance called kolo.



- Krajina’s dances, choreographer Vaso Popović prof.
- Mountain Grmeč dances, choreographer Vaso Popović prof.
- Prnjavor surroundings dances, choreographer Vaso Popović prof.
- Ozren and Trebava dances, choreographer Mirko Arambašić
- Obudovac dances, choreographer Vaso Popović prof.
- Dances from old Banja Luka, choreographer Vaso Popović prof.
- Bunjevac dances, choreographer Mirko Arambašić
- Dances from Šumadija, choreographer Živojim Đurić
- Vlach’s dances, choreographer Vaso Popović prof.
- Nishava region dances, choreographer Mirko Arambašić
- Dance ’Biljana platno beleše’, choreographer Jovanov Gorgi
- Leskovac surroundings dances, choreographer Mirko Arambašić
- Pirot surroundings danceschoreographer Bojan Rakovic



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