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Nasa mladost

KUD (Cultural and Artistic Association) was founded on 17.11.2005. For all these years, it has been working constantly in several sections ie. folklore, drama and music section. It has about 150 active members of 7-60 years of age. They are participants to many festivals throughout BiH and outside the country: Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. They are holders of all important cultural events in Kljuc, and they are also the organizers of the biggest folklore festival in the Una-Sana Canton and beyond. On their festival every year, about 25 KUDs and about 1,000 participants take part, and so far they hosted over 150 KUDs from BiH and abroad. In Mrkonjic Grad, they won the prize "For the best performance and the authenticity of the choreography." At the Kozara Ethno Festival 2015, they will present "Muslimanske varoske igre" for which the choreography was set and rehearsed by the choreographer Faik Imamovic.

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