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"Association for the Development of Voluntary Work" Novo Mesto is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-profit and humanitarian organization working in the public interest in the field of social protection. The main mission of the organization is the promotion and development of voluntary work (especially in the area of social protection, education and culture), the creation of conditions for improving the quality of life of children and adolescents and the promotion of the values of solidarity, tolerance and inter-cultural dialogue. The Association has been collaborating with the project team of Kozara Ethno in the field of education, culture and rural development for many years, and they are also regular guests of the Festival. This year, "Association for the Development of Voluntary Work" will present a part of Slovenian culture through the Seminar at which they will perform traditional dances, songs and customs of Slovenia as well as through the trade show booth at which they will present traditional cuisine, handicrafts and promotional materials.

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