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The members of the vocal group of Zavicajno drustvo (Heritage Association) "Zmijanje" from Banja Luka sing together for many years. They performed in the framework of KUD  "Opanak" from Borkovici, and under this name the group began performing in 2014. The group consists of 7 members which are equally represented by farmers, workers, intellectuals and pensioners. The group performed at many places of the Republic of Srpska and abroad and achieved significant results, such as the first and two second places in the Kozara Ethno Festival in Piskavica, the first place in B. Majdan, the second place in Jutrogosta. Significant performance by the group was reached at the Kozara Ethno Festival, 49th Kocicev zbor, the Days of Culture of the Republic of Srpska in Novi Sad and Banski Dvor in Banja Luka on the occasion of 400th anniversary of the monastery of Krka. The vocal group "Zmijanje" continues the tradition of preserving and nurturing old traditional songs from the wider area of Zmijanje, Kozara and other places of the Republic of Srpska.


Members of the group:
1. Zoran Grahovac, group leader
2. Dragan Petković
3. Mihajlo Petković
4. Jordan Blagojević
5. Rajko Marić
6. Stojan Marić
7. Dragomir Jakovljević

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